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Julie Milland

New tack on polio vaccine on the path to eradication,The Citizen, 16 April 2016 – 850 words online

Climate change could put eucalypts at risk of death from air bubbles,ABC News, 30 March 2016 – 680 words online

Where treatment and science intersect: new $1bn cancer centre takes holistic approach,The Citizen, 13 November 2015 – 1195 words online

Melbourne pneumonia-testing app could help save lives,The Sunday Age, 10 May 2015 – 475 words print and online

Made in Melbourne: phone app for detecting pneumonia set to save thousands of lives,The Citizen, 10 May 2015 – 1530 words online plus video, infographic and images

Pig organ transplants back in the spotlight as cell research moves to trial stage,The Sunday Age, 15 Feb 2015 – 1000 words online plus infographic and 500 words in print

Xenotransplantation no longer a case of 'pigs might fly',The Citizen, 15 Feb 2015 – 1100 words online plus infographic

Research: Almost half of post-surgery antibiotic use is wrong,The Sunday Age, 16 Nov 2014 – 450 words print and online

Surgeons a key in cutting antibiotics over-use,The Citizen, 16 Nov 2014 – 1425 words online

Child's death linked to EV71 virus,The Age, 16 Jun 2013 – 200 words online, co-authored with Melissa Davey

Five children hit by polio-like paralysis,The Age, 2 June 2013 – 420 words print and online

Health officials alerted as five struck down, paralysed by emerging strain of EV71 virus,The Citizen, 2 June 2013 – 720 words online plus video and two infographics

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